This portion covers everything you need to know about the seafarer's tax advice

Our expert seafarer's tax advisors will guide you through the procedure. Let us explain who exactly can claim this exemption first.

Individuals who are residents in the United Kingdom and who are working in any capacity aboard a vessel are covered by this exemption. Whether it is as a captain, deckhand, stewardess, or superyacht crew on a cruise ship, or as security or an engineer on a boat in the anti-piracy or oil sectors, or even as a cook in the merchant navy. Everyone is eligible to claim the seafarers' earnings deduction. It allows them to deduct their earnings from their taxable income in the United Kingdom only if they qualify. Other international income and profits, on the other hand, will continue to be subject to UK taxation.

In order for a seafarer to be eligible for the deduction, he or she must have worked for at least 365 consecutive days during the qualifying period. This period might include non-working days. Depending on the circumstances, this period may extend over more than one tax year.


If a superyacht crew carries out duties on a vessel when the journey or portion thereof starts or finishes outside the United Kingdom; we will consider these duties, outside the UK. The UK portion of the North Sea is part of the UK. In addition, each job must include at least one travel to a foreign port throughout the course of the tax year.

Visits to the UK must not exceed 183 consecutive days or one-half of the qualifying period; if the total part includes midnights as well. In the case of the latter, the time period implicated is from the first day of the period spent abroad to the final day of the period spent abroad after the last visit to the United Kingdom.

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