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Our landlord accountants in London will give you advice on the financial statements you need to maintain and show you how to invest your rental income. You and/or your business must pay taxes on the rental income you get after deducting allowable expenses.

What you must spend money on to maintain the property on a daily basis are known as allowable expenses. Examples include:

  • Costs for letting agents
  • Legal costs for leases of less than a year or for lease renewals of fewer than 50 years
  • Accountancy fees
  • Insurance for buildings and contents
  • Interest on loans for properties
  • Upkeep and repairs to the building
  • Utility costs for things like power, gas, and water
  • Service fees, ground rent, and rent
  • Council fees
  • Services like cleaning or gardening
  • The property's other up-front expenses, such as telephone calls, stationery, and advertising

Non Resident Landlords

Services for a non-resident who earns money from renting out properties in the UK.

A landlord who rents out property in the UK but spends more than six months abroad of the country during the tax year is referred to as a non-resident landlord. These landlords are subject to a unique tax programme known as the non-resident landlord programme. The tax must be subtracted by a letting agent or tenant from the rent paid to the non-resident landlord under the UK non-resident landlord system and paid to HMRC.

  • If you rent out a home in the UK, you must pay tax on your rental income.
  • If you sell residential property in the UK and make a profit again, you can also be required to pay tax.
  • Even if you are a UK resident for tax reasons, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will classify you as a "non-resident landlord" if you spend six months or more of the year living overseas.

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Chaudhry Amir
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Danilov alexey
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Elena Zekonyte

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