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Are you (or any of the partners or directors in this business) currently involved, or in the last two years have been involved, in any other business? :

Do you expect the VAT on your purchases to regularly exceed the VAT on your taxable supplies? :

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Please state your reason for applying for registration:

Has your taxable turnover exceeded the registration threshold in any past period of 12 months or less? :

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Additional Details - Only for Non - Residents Business/Director.

Non UK residents must provide one piece of primary evidence which consists of a copy of government issued photo identification which can include:

  • - passport
  • - photo drivers licence
  • - national identity card

Primary Evidence:

Copy of Passport, Photo Driving License, National identity card

Primary Evidence :

Copy of Passport, Photo Driving License, National identity card

- You must also provide two additional pieces of secondary evidence which can be copies of:


  • a mortgage statement
  • a lease/rental agreement
  • a birth certificate
  • a marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • a decree absolute or decree of dissolution certificate
  • an official document from an employer that contains your name, date of birth and Tax Identification Number

Secondary Evidence :

Secondary Evidence :

Secondary Evidence :

Are you registered for VAT in the country where your business is?

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