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Vat Registration

  1.  Please select a package which is suitable for you.
  2.  After clicking the submit button, you will be redirected to the payment page.
  3.  You can make payment by using either debit or credit card.
  4.  Our Proficient Accountants will gather the required information and apply on your behalf for a company VAT registration number.

Select one *:
VAT Registration Service ( Standard Application) £ 90.00 GBP
VAT Registration Service ( Premium same day application) £ 120.00 GBP
VAT Registration For Non UK Residents. £ 180.00 GBP
VAT Registration Service ( Free if agreed in advance only if fee is above £3000/year) Freea
Buisness Type:
Buisness Name:
Date of Incorporation of Company:
Date when the company/ business was setup
UTR ( Unique Tax Reference Number) of the Company :
For Foreign Companies, Foreign corporate reference (if available)
Business trading Address :
Contact Telephone No :
Briefly describe your current and/or intended business activities in your own words :
Are you (or any of the partners or directors in this business) currently involved, or in the last two years have been involved, in any other business? :
Do you expect the VAT on your purchases to regularly exceed the VAT on your taxable supplies? :
If Yes, please say why:
Please state your reason for applying for registration:
Has your taxable turnover exceeded the registration threshold in any past period of 12 months or less? :
Do you expect your taxable turnover in the next 30 days alone to exceed the registration threshold or has such an expectation ever arisen at any time in the past? :
Enter an estimate of the value of your taxable supplies in the next 12 months:
Do you expect to make any exempt supplies? :
Business Bank Account Name: :
Sort Code :
Account Number :
What VAT scheme do you want to register your business for? *:
Flat Rate Scheme.
Standard VAT scheme
Date you want to Register for VAT from? :
Applicant's personal details
Full Name * :
Address :
National Insurance Or Personal Tax Identifier Numbers *:
Your Date of Birth:
Your position in the company
Additional Details - Only for Non - Residents Business/Director.

Non UK residents must provide one piece of primary evidence which consists of a copy of government issued photo identification which can include:

  • - passport
  • - photo drivers licence
  • - national identity card

Primary Evidence :
Copy of Passport, Photo Driving License, National identity card
Primary Evidence :
Copy of Passport, Photo Driving License, National identity card

- You must also provide two additional pieces of secondary evidence which can be copies of:

  • a mortgage statement
  • a lease/rental agreement
  • a birth certificate
  • a marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • a decree absolute or decree of dissolution certificate
  • an official document from an employer that contains your name, date of birth and Tax Identification Number

Secondary Evidence :
Secondary Evidence :
Secondary Evidence :
Are you registered for VAT in the country where your business is?
If yes, VAT Registration Number:
Additional information :