Your Strategic Partner For Handling Accounts and Taxes

Preparation of Statutory Accounts

The strategic planning for maintaining clear records for the year-end accounts makes a major difference. The year-end accounts are the supporting spine for the key stakeholder's like suppliers, customers, credit agencies etc.

The task of reporting the transactions numerous official government departments can be time-consuming and less beneficial to the organization.

SK Accountancy and Tax Consultants Ltd provide you with expert assistance to manage all your business objectives related to the accounts and taxation requirements. We ensure that we provide the financial statements as per the up to date accountancy standards that would support the work for the finance team in any organization.

We assist local and small businesses in developing appropriate strategies and implementing the statutory accounting and reporting processes in accordance with financial standards.


Every year, more than one million people are unable to complete the personal tax return filing to HMRC on time and subject to the payment of the fine.

SK Accounting and Tax Consultant Ltd. provides expert assistance in analyzing self-assessment tax returns and make sure whether any if any potential tax-saving opportunities are available under the code of law and properly availed for the betterment

With our services, you can complete the process smoothly and timely. The execution of the process will be error-free, which in any case reduces the possibility of HMRC interference. The option to postpone your personal tax payments by developing a payment plan and negotiating with HMRC are explored by SK Accountants and Tax Consultants Ltd. for the betterment of your future tax matters.

Registration for sole trader with HMRC

Registering as a sole trader with HMRC offers many benefits for the organization. If you want to build your own business and stand-alone, registering with HMRC is an advantage.

We at SK Accounting and Tax Consultants Ltd. will help you achieve great benefits by registering as a sole trader. Our experts with extraordinary knowledge will help you simplify the process.

The extraordinary professional services by SK Accounting and Tax Consultants Ltd. boost your business and get greater benefits throughout the process.

The procedure involves numerous phases and we can help you complete the process perfectly. Registering as a sole trader at HMRC will be smooth if your business gets connected with SK Accountants and Tax Consultants Ltd.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an inevitable process for every entrepreneur. Business development carries with it some additional responsibilities. Tax planning is one process that requires additional resources and energy to complete it smoothly.

SK Accountants and tax Consultants Ltd. would take full responsibility for implementing the exclusive tax planning process for your organization. Our specialist's team would identify the potential ways for tax exemptions within the code of law that can increase the profitability of your business and improve your cash flow process.

Our professional accountants will take every step to maximize the tax-deductible benefits and maximize the potential for tax breaks to grow your business.

We offer the most innovative solutions that can help provide high added value to the individual as well as organizational net income. Our team provides friendly, professional support and tailor solutions to your business needs.

Bookkeeping service

The bookkeeping is one of the most important processes in running a business successfully. It takes a significant amount of time to complete, regardless of the size of the organization.

It is required by law to keep a record of every financial activity of the company. Recording and reporting of sales, purchases, income, and expenses in a proper way of individuals or companies are called Bookkeeping.

Our team of experts will help you with VAT returns, all kinds of bookkeeping, payroll and daily financial management.

We understand the value of valuable time invested in the recording of each transaction, staff supervision related to activities, maintenance of appropriate infrastructure, and new technology, and we have decided to achieve better results with our services.

Maintenance of tedious daily financial transactions is carried out smoothly by our specialists.

Management Accounts

The managerial decisions are the most important and significant for the prosperous development of any organization. Every Management report based on the clarity and perfection of the management accounts. Management accounts are the monthly or quarterly reports which enable the higher management to take decisions and make timely plans for short as well as long term.

Our professionals would provide a detail report monthly or quarterly that would explicit the cash flow, availability of the cash, expenditure, the number of orders to be delivered, the amount payable and the amount receivable and much other statistical data that would assist the management to carry out other functions smoothly.

Management Accounting is one of the important processes for impeccable future planning and forecast for the betterment of the organization and SK Accountants and Tax Consultants would provide expert assistance in carrying out the activities of Management Accounting.

VAT Returns

The VAT returns explain in detail the due amount to be paid to the HMRC. It is one of the most important and significant procedure to be filed with the HMRC.

VAT Calculations are cover a lot of important aspects like extraction of the correct amount of output and input VAT, application of reverse charge, extraction of EC sales and submission of EC sales list.

The SK Accountant and Tax Consultants assist you by preparing perfect bookkeeping records that are essential to carry out the VAT returns process efficiently.

We would take the responsibility to make sure that by considering all the possibilities your organization pays the minimum VAT possible to the HMRC.

We would enlist the most beneficial scheme for VAT returns for your organization after a detailed study of your nature of business.


Payroll management is one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks for any organization. This is money paid to the organization's employees for their work. This is a critical process involving payroll tax administration, which would ultimately benefit the organization through its impact on net income.

Payroll administration provides details and information about salaries, incentives, bonuses, and company employee withholding taxes.

SK Accountants and Tax Consultants would help you from saving your precious time in maintaining the hourly work records of your employees and wages calculations.

Our experts would help you take off the burden by monitoring and maintaining the record of the attendance and time of your employees at work and providing the salaries on time to garner high employee satisfaction for the betterment of your organization

Limited Company

People across the world aspire to establish their businesses. The laws and economic conditions in the UK are favorable and support people to accomplish their dreams.

Companies with limited liability in the United Kingdom are to be registered adhering to the rules and regulations of the law.

Most of the people in the UK prefer to establish a company that is limited by shares

After the successful incorporation of a limited company, the next steps in the procedure of registering the company into different taxes is carried out by our experts.

The limited company registration UK is a critical process that can be exhausting and hence the citizens need expert advice and aid to complete the procedure successfully.

Company Formation

We at SK Accountants and Tax Consultants Ltd provide exceptional company formation services. Our services help you integrate your company with Companies house.

We provide you with the certificate of incorporation, a letter of memorandum and articles of association, certifying ownership or share certificates for the shareholders and electronic filing codes for future filings at the Companies House.

We provide expert advice and assistance about the entire company formation process.

Our experts would provide professional service at each step of the procedure and make the whole process hassle-free.

Landlord Taxes

The Landlords staying in the UK or outside the country often tends to get depressed with the procedures of filing a tax return.

Our services at affordable rates would enlist ways to diminish the final tax that you would be liable to pay as a Landlord in the UK.

We help you fulfil all the requirements enlisted by the HMRC concerning the Landlord Taxes regulation.

We would suggest possible measures for tax mitigation.

Secretarial Services

The limited company involves various other responsibilities to be carried out efficiently for the betterment of the organization. The secretarial services include all the accounting and taxation tasks that any organization would carry out for smooth functioning.

We provide expert assistance and support in carrying out the statutory obligations in an organization.

Our exceptional services would be of great advantage for your organization to overcome all hurdles and deliver supreme quality work and functioning.

We also undertake the tasks of processing the changes that happen internally in an organization, the issues and transfer of shares, changes in the director, secretary or other shareholders.

We also prepare the documentation work for any kind of purchases or sale being made by the organization.