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Immigration Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for immigration and have been helping people move to their destinations with the help of its partner company "Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd". Our experts conduct extensive research in order to provide you with the right solution based on your personal circumstances. Our aim is to ensure your application has the greatest chance of success.

  • UK Work Visa. Tier 1 General

    Tier 1 General category is one of the popular UK work visas. Though the initial application and application for extension of this category is already closed, the dependents can still apply under certain circumstances.

  • UK Work Visa. Tier 2 General

    The category of Tier 2 (General) is applicable, who are living in abroad and have been already offered a good employment in order to feel up a gap in the workforce, which cannot be replaced by employing a settled worker.

  • UK Work Visa. Tier 1 Investor

    The Tier 1 Investor application is for those individuals who are seeking opportunities for noticeable financial investment within the United Kingdom.

  • Family and Private Life Application

    There are different types of Family and Private Life Applications that you can make by using the FLR (FP) form for the settlement under the 10 years route. Sindhu Immigration Services can help you with:

  • Application for Family of British or Settled Persons

    For the application of Family of British or Settled Persons Visa, Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd provides the following three services

    • Fiancée Visa
    • UK Spouse Visa
    • ILR- Victim of Domestic Violence

  • Asylum and Humanitarian Protection

    The provisions of Asylum and Humanitarian Protection can be exercised under 1951 United Naions Convention in the regards to the status of refugee in the United Kingdom.

  • Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal

    The department of Upper Tribunal, Immigration and Asylum Chamber (UTIAC) is authorized to take a decision on applications for judicial review of certain decisions taken by the Secretary of State for Entry Clearance officers, Home Office and others with the accordance of UK’s immigration legislation.

  • Immigration Appeals and Admin Review

    If you are currently not living in the UK and the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) has refused to grant your entry clearance application, you are eligible to file an application before the First Tier Tribunal. The entry clearance application should be submitted within 28 days of refusal.

  • British Citizenship

    There are many ways to avail the British citizenship and an applicant can file his/her application before the authorized department seeking the status based on different reasons and exclamation. Here we will stress on different ways of availing British citizenship and how immigration solicitors at the Sindhu Immigration Services can help you in the process.

  • UK Visitor Visa

    An applicant can file Long Residence Application before the Home Office in various ways. At Sindhu Immigration Service, we provide Long Residence Applications for ILR-10 Years Long Residence.

  • Long Residence Applications

    The applicant may to the United Kingdom as a tourist for temporary purposes such as meeting family members, friends or to involve in some kind of business activities. Learn how Sindhu Immigration Services can help you with any such requirement of UK Visitor VISA.