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Paying voluntary NICs

In an individual’s national insurance contributions (NIC) record, there may arise many gaps due to various reasons, for example, low earnings for several years, living abroad, unemployed and have not been claiming benefits. In such situations, voluntary Class 3 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) comes into play as this can protect entitlement to a future state retirement pension and certain other state benefits therefore. Hence, it may be possible, or important, to pay voluntary Class 3 National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

Broadly, voluntary contributions may be paid for any tax year in which the individual is matured over 16 and is:

·         Recruited, but not responsible to pay Class 1 and/or Class 2 contributions (because income are too low to authorize for paying NICs);

·         Excepted from paying Class 2 contributions (because income from self-employment have not reached the entitlement threshold);

·         Not working;

·         Resident in the UK but living or working on temporary transfer at overseas; or

·         Independent.